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Chicago XXX


"Feel" in voller Länge:
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Kurze Soundclips von "Rhino":

1. Feel [Hot Single Mix]    
2. King of Might Have Been
3. Caroline
4. Why Can't We [with Shelly Fairchild]
5. Love Will Come Back [with Rascal Flatts]
6. Long Lost Friend
7. 90 Degrees and Freezing
8. Where Were You
9. Already Gone
10. Come to Me, Do
11. Lovin' Chains
12. Better
13. Feel [The Horn Section Mix]

(Demos, Spots, Gespräche, Soundtracks...)

Jump For Joy
Live Duke Ellington Special, 1972
Terry Kath

Tell Me
Soundtrack "Electra Glide In Blue" (HARLEY-DAVIDSON 344), 1972
Robert Lamm

25 Or 6 To 4 Why?
Robert Lamm erklärt seinen Song "25 Or 6 To 4"

Robert's Wahlspot zur US-Wahl 1972 (gegen Nixon)

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